Places to Eat & Drink

In No Particular Order! We love ALL of these places and have eaten there multiple times, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Grocery Stores

Grocery Stores

Looking to stay in for some of your meals? Stock up with supplies at one of our many Bend grocery stores.

Restaurants and local eateries

Restaurants & Local Eateries

Whether you are feeling like a burger and beer or steak and potatoes, this guide gives you some ideas of where to go to find good local food and restaurant options around the Bend area.

Wine tasting, Cocktails and bars

Wine tasting, Cocktails, & Bars

Looking to get a nightcap or relax with a great-tasting adult beverage? Bend offers something for everyone`s drink tastes whether you are looking for a great wine tasting, a fresh cocktail, or a hand-crafted beer.

Coffee houses and shops

Coffee Houses & Shops

Stop in or swing on through the drive-through for an anytime quick pick me up to keep the grand Bend adventures going. We have put together some of the best coffee shops Bend Oregon has to offer.