Bend Oregon Vacation Rental updates from Alpenglow Vacation Rentals

Alpenglow Vacation Rentals appreciates the patience and loyalty that all of our guests have exhibited during these trying times. We are working tirelessly to do our part in making changes easy, future bookings accessible, and safety a top priority now and into the future.

Please Review Our Current Policies & Information
NO Change-Fee

 We are offering a No Change-Fee policy to ensure that everyone is safe and their scheduling concerns handled during these uncertain and changing times. If you have an existing reservation that you need to adjust please contact us, and we will gladly help.

Deschutes County, Bend & Mt Bachelor Updates
Elevated Cleaning

We are taking additional measures to ensure the health & safety of guests and staff. Continued top-notch cleaning practices include ozone therapy (which is used in our local school district) in addition to using Oxivir wipes for all hard surfaces and Lysol on all soft surfaces.

Change is in the Air...
County Reopening

 As of 5/15/20, Deschutes County has begun the challenging process of assessing and allowing businesses to reopen using strict safety protocol. The reopening will come in phases and will be monitored closely to ensure public health is not negatively impacted. See below for additional details.

Deschutes County, Bend & Mt Bachelor Updates
Recreational Travel Update

Governor Brown’s stay home order which recommends non-essential, recreational travel be limited, is still in effect. However, we are currently taking reservations that meet the correct criteria and for future stays. 
Please Call Us for Details. 541.385.7100 

We Are Ready When You Are!
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For further information or questions, please call us, we are here and happy to serve YOU!

More Bend & Deschutes County Updates

Positive Change

Starting May 15th, 2020 Deschutes County is in Phase I which includes limited reopening for restaurants and bars, personal services, gyms, malls, and gatherings of up to 25 people - with physical distancing and face-covering requirements.

Mt Bachelor Opens!

Mt Bachelor has been able to offer season pass holders a short window to hit the slopes again! A limited operations plan has been put in place from 5/16/20-5/26/20 allowing limited access to the mountain for some much-needed spring skiing. We hope this is the first of many exciting opening announcements we can share!