Bend Oregon Vacation Rental updates from Alpenglow Vacation Rentals

Alpenglow Vacation Rentals appreciates the patience and loyalty that all of our guests have exhibited during these trying times. We are working tirelessly to do our part in making changes easy, future bookings accessible, and safety a top priority now and into the future.

Please Review Our Current Policies & Information
NO Change-Fee

 We are offering a No Change-Fee policy to ensure that everyone is safe and their scheduling concerns handled during these uncertain and changing times. If you have an existing reservation that you need to adjust please contact us, and we will gladly help.

Deschutes County, Bend & Mt Bachelor Updates
Maintaining Cleaning

We have always provided exceptional levels of rental cleaning, and continue to do so with standards exceeding that of government requirements. We clean and inspect extensively with Oxivir wipes and Lysol.

Change is in the Air...
We Are Ready When You Are!
Downtown Bend Rentals . Mt Bachelor Rentals
For further information or questions, please call us, we are here and happy to serve YOU!

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Mt Bachelor is Open for Skiing 2020-21!

Mt Bachelor remains committed to its high level of service and cleanliness to ensure that all ski and snowboard guests can enjoy the slopes. Check out their updated policies for the most recent information at the resort.

Mt Bachelor Policies
Deschutes County, Bend & Mt Bachelor Updates